How to Produce Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes is one of the most important items developed in a committee meeting. It is important that minutes are developed to share with our constituents, members, and stakeholders regarding what you are accomplishing as a committee. Remember, you are leading changes in technology throughout the community, many decision-makers and stakeholders will want to stay up-to-date with your progress. Elected Members: You can scan over these notes to become a little more familiar with minute-taking. Chairman & Vice-Chairman: I would suggest reading into minute-taking since you may have input regarding items to be noted in the minutes. Further, the Chairman should be familiar with the minute-taking process as approval is required by the Chair before minutes are submitted for ITA Staff review. Secretary: It is necessary that you learn how to develop meeting minutes. Therefore, spend an ample amount of time on this lession. To learn more about writing minutes click here. To learn more about minutes in the light of Robert’s Rules of Order click here.
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