Ethics & Leadership

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Ethics and leadership are paramount to our success at ITA. Therefore, we will take you through some of our expectations of tech leaders on our committees. CONFLICTS OF INTEREST You have been elected as a representative for your committee. Along with this designation comes responsibility. As a member of an ITA committee, you are required to act in the best interest of your committee and community. Therefore, committee resources or position should not be used to leverage personal financial gains or unwarranted gains or benefits for friends, family, associates, coworkers, or companies you are affiliated with. LEADERSHIP Being a leader is one of the most important parts of being a committee member. Participants will look to you for guidance on how to get involved with the committee. Constituents will look you for solutions to problems in their community. Model yourself as a leader that you would admire and seek to follow. Take some time to review some leadership articles and training online.
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