Professional Development Series (PDS)


The Professional Development Series (PDS) is a perfect program for current and prospective IT professionals, IT certification holders, and community members interested in learning about information technology. The PDS program recruits experienced information technology presenters to provide 1-hour classroom, virtual, and hands-on training and presentations to our members. IT professionals will develop and strengthen valuable skill sets that can be applied in the workplace. CompTIA (or other) certification holders will earn a CEU towards a certification relevant to the topic presented. Decision-makers and members of the community can develop information technology skills/competencies that can be used to improve their businesses, organizations, and/or communities.


Program Benefits

  • Learn about best practices and new technologies in the market.

  • Earn CompTIA CEUs or CEUs for other certifications (contingent on certifying body).

  • Get a Certificate of Completion.

  • Get hands-on training on equipment.

How to Get Involved

Find an upcoming PDS Seminar

Become a presenter