Get involved with some of ITA’s most innovative programs. Our programs are a great start for entry-level to advanced technology professionals, members of the community, and decision-makers in government and private sector organizations. Whether your interest is acquiring CEU credits for CompTIA (or other) certifications or developing a new skillset to implement in your company, municipality, or community, these programs are perfect for you.

What do we have to offer?

Learn more about some of our most popular programs:

Our TechCtrl Program is the perfect place to begin for entry-level IT professionals (appx. 0-2 years of experience) and other experienced IT professionals seeking to develop a skillset in alternative disciplines of IT. Develop customer service, technical (e.g. hardware, software, networking, cybersecurity, etc.), and project management skills on a real, dynamic work environment in the community.

CEUs for activities is currently in progress.

Our Teach IT Program is a great start for experienced IT professionals or prospective IT educators. Training and education are paramount to the success of future IT professionals. So whether you are in the corporate, governmental, or academic environment, we believe it is important to provide you with the skills to instruct on technical subjects and acquire your CTT+ certification to show your newly developed competency.

Our Professional Development Series (PDS) is a perfect place for everyone in our community. IT professionals can attend our PSD seminars to develop new skill sets and acquire CEUs for CompTIA (or other) certifications. Members and leaders of the community can acquire new skill sets and valuable insight into pressing technology needs that may be implemented in their organizations and environments.

Every pre-registered attendee will receive a Certificate of Completion, which may also be submitted to CompTIA for a CEU unit for a certification relevant to the topic covered.