About Us


To create a digitally-oriented community where technology is accessible to all and all technology is serviced by a wealth of competent technology professionals.

Who We Are

The Information Technology Association (ITA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation specialized in providing academic, professional development, and experiential learning opportunities to information technology professionals, IT-oriented entrepreneurs, IT economic development professionals, our community, and other stakeholders.

What We Do

ITA provides a variety of programs, initiatives, and opportunities for IT professionals and its stakeholders. Programs such as TechCtrl provide live-worksite, experiential learning opportunities for entry-level IT professionals or an opportunity for a member to expand their skillsets in a particular discipline of technology. The Tech Against Crime Initiative is an attempt to build safer communities by providing security cameras to high-crime areas while partnering with local and regional law enforcement. ITA committees are available to provide community leadership opportunities to IT professionals, entrepreneurs, economic development professionals, and other stakeholders to improve IT infrastructure in the community and represent themselves/their company.

Why We Do It

At ITA, we believe that the future of the digital world is a product of our whole community’s knowledge of information technology. Therefore, ITA is dedicating all of its resources to the academic, professional development, and experiential training for IT professionals and the rest of our community. This is especially integral in an era where information technology is being utilized as a method of harm toward unaware and untrained administrative staff in companies/organizations and members of the community. Further, as information technology integrates across governmental and community functions, it is necessary to educate our entire community to increase the effectiveness of IT infrastructure and protect our constituencies from cyber threats.